Kimono Hire

I have been fascinated with cultural costumes round the world, kimono in particular is my favourite due to it’s exquisite prints, embroidery and textile. Because of this, I started collecting them, and sourcing them directly from Japan.

There are many types of Kimono, generally the vertically long sleeves kimono (sleeves that nearly touch the ground) are Furisode, and are only for unmarried women. They are mostly brightly coloured, with lots of patterns.  The shorter sleeves ones are broken down even more depending on whether they have patterns on them (Tomesode), or plain coloured (Iromuji), or small patterns (Komon). The coloured kimonos with no patterns are very common for tea ceremonies, Tomesode are more formal wear.

One size kimono fits most, but if you are extra tall, please contact us first.

The belt is called Obi, and the system is also very complex. To simplify, the hanaobi is included in the hire. Other types of Obi are available for extra costs.

I have a range of Iromuji (plain, coloured) or tomesode (black with pattern) for hired to anywhere in Australia.

Price inclusive of kimono, hanaobi, express postage and handling to anywhere in Australia for 1 week, and return postage back to us.  There will also be a $50 extra bond charged, and will be returned to you upon receiving the kimono and obi back in a clean condition.

Longer hire also possible.