1000 lights for peace

‘1000 lights for peace’ is a public offering of peace using ancient Chinese art.

In Chinese culture we release floating lanterns into the river to send happiness to family and friends and to remember loved ones who have passed away. The purpose of the lantern is to provide an offering of guiding light to spirits and the departed, much like a lighthouse to a passing boat, to the world of the departed. Lanterns are also a vessel to carry prayers and wishes for relief of suffering and forgiveness or whatever one may want to wish. 

Event date: 12 September 2014

In recent months, there had been many accidents, disasters, conflicts and diseases happening around the world. They have been devastating to watch in the news. We want to release 1000 lanterns to wish for peace.

Lanterns are hand made using origami in lotus shape and a candle is placed inside. We will be making the lanterns, because according to the Chinese culture, lanterns must be handmade for the wish to be granted.

We welcome people from all cultures and all ages to join in. This event is not about supporting any sides of conflicts, or seeking blame for accidents, but to remember loved ones who have passed away and to send happiness, love and peace to family and friends.

Mid-autumn festival is the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, and it is when the moon is the roundest and largest of the year.  It is officially the harvest festival, and is also commonly known as the moon festival, mooncake festival, or lantern festival. During this festival, family and friends gather together as a whole to enjoy each other’s company; praying to the gods; and thanksgiving for the harvest in the year (in the olden days).  This year’s mid-autumn festival is in September and we normally celebrate for the whole week, and is the perfect festive time to float lanterns.

*releasing river lanterns is also observed in other countries such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore.